Matt Porter is a candidate for credentialed mediator through the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association. He has served as a volunteer mediator at his local Dispute Resolution Center, and he has frequently been a party to mediation during his work with CASA of McLennan County. He enjoys helping people enter into constructive dialogue and discover shared values.

Matt is particularly invested in the ability for mediation to provide creative solutions for families. Divorce and child custody proceedings rarely meet the specific needs of families, and children are often better served when divorcing couples are able to preserve a positive working relationship with their former spouse. Matt believes that mediation gives families the best chance to successfully reorganize their life together.

Matt has been a part of the Waco community since 2006, and he believes a healthier Waco can be attained by providing his neighbors with the tools to solve their disputes. Mediation can be a tool for improved social interaction as people discover and utilize their own agency. Free of the emotional burden of long-standing conflict, many people will experience a renewed outlook on themselves and their community’s resources.